Sunday, 17 January 2016

Me, Myself and I

My dream is to disappear from the rat race, find a scheduled cottage halfway up a mountain. I'd bring with me the following:
  • My laptop - to write
  • A supply of notebooks and pens.
  • My kindle - to read
  • A steamer trunk full of books -to read
  • A couple of cases of wine - to drink (duh!)
  • 6 months supply of good food.
  • Fluffy PJ's and slippers
  • My phone - for the music of course!
And then, I'd just disappear for 6 months. I'd like some fresh food air dropped in once a week. When I tell my friends this they laugh! I think I am considered a bit of a strange one but this is my idea of pure heaven. Today, when the world is such a hectic place and there never seems to be a moment to stop and catch our breath, the idea of running away from it all is one that does consume my mind on many an occasion. Imagine waking up in a giant bed every morning, snuggled up with big chunky blankets, an open fire in the grate and complete silence all around. Next imagine getting out of that bed, opening the curtains and seeing a white winter wonderland or a beautiful spring meadow.  And then, after breakfast snuggling down on the sofa by the roaring fire and either reading or writing. *sigh*

In the modern world that is today, people are no longer happy or comfortable in their own company. The idea of isolation is appalling to many and I suppose it is a very personal thing. But imagine how chilled you'd be! Imagine not having to think about anyone but yourself. Imagine the self indulgence of having months of 'you time'. Could you cope? I definitely could but I'm not sure there are many who could. We seem to have few opportunities presented to us in which to experience true solitude and simply gather our thoughts. Would be more well rounded individuals or would we go stir crazy? Would we pen the next masterpiece or would we end up throwing the laptop out the window and going completely bonkers in a Jack Torrance (The Shining) type way? Would we end up having full scale conversations with book characters (yes I know most of already do that!)? Would you enjoy filling your day with all things literary or would you end up eating the books?

I think some of my friends would see this type of adventure (yes I do see it as an adventure of the mind) as pure torture whereas I would see it as an opportunity to relax, recharge and dream! I know that this is a contradiction of a previous post where I said I couldn't relax and needed to always be busy. But, for this type of opportunity I could ditch the busy bee mania that usually takes over my life! Unfortunately this type of dream is only achievable if you don't have any family commitments, work commitments and lots of money! Are you sane enough (or insane) to give this type of thing a go? Do you have unlimited funds? Then give me a call!!! I'll see you up the mountain!


  1. I would do it in an instant.
    I'm sane/insane enough to do it.
    I would only trade your cottage "halfway up a mountain" to "the one as close to the secluded beach"(yes any secluded beach)as possible... ;)

  2. I love 'me' time Debbie. Before my OH retired I had two days to myself. Mostly I wrote but I could do pretty much what I wanted. Now I share the house 24/7 and long for those moments when I've got the house all to myself. I do love the man to bits, but sometimes a girl needs her space xx