Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Only 24 hours in a day? You cannot be serious!!!

Sometimes it occurs to me that I do too much. I have a lot of friends, both online and in the immediate vicinity plus a husband who confirm this and nag at me a fair bit.  I often sit down for a few seconds and wonder if I am doing the right thing by continuing with this hectic lifestyle. The answer that I keep coming up with is 'Hell yeah!' What's not to love about my life? Every now and again I go looking for more things to do! What do you suppose that is all about? With working, blogging, book touring, writing (sometimes), being wonder wife and supermum oh and still having a bit of a social life, 24 hours in a day are simply not enough! I mean who had that idea of only 24?
If I was to look at it from an outsiders perspective it might appear that I am trying to fill some sort of void. Freud would probably have had a field day with what goes on inside my head. However, the simple truth of the matter is that I wasted too many years not doing anything! No I didn't sit on my backside and twiddle my thumbs! Of course I didn't. Its not my nature. I've been working since I was 13 years old for goodness sake!  What I mean by wasting too many years is that I was too sensible too soon. I grew up fast in a less than normal childhood and suddenly became Ms Mature long before I wanted to be. I put family commitments above all else and did was what expected of me whether it made me happy or not. I gave up a lot of dreams. Oh and there was also the little problem of not having the motivation or bravery needed to do what I wanted. So, a lot of the problem was down to me.
However, a couple of things happened to change things. Firstly, I suddenly found myself a single parent who was soon to meet and eventually marry a man who would offer unfailing support and encourage me to push myself to do more of what I wanted. Then, a couple of years ago something else happened. Book blogging happened and with it a new way of life. Yes I know it all sounds a bit arty-farty but that's what has happened!
The book blogging community is such a wonderfully warm and loving one. Fellow bloggers and authors alike are some of the most friendly and encouraging people on the planet. Once I joined this inspirational community something stirred inside me............no it wasn't indigestion...........it was the desire to read and write more. The desire to immerse myself in all things bookish again. Memories from a childhood hidden in books soon surfaced and I realised what had been missing from me. Books!
So, now that I have rediscovered my oomph for all things literary it has given me a new zest for life because I am doing so many things that I love and meeting lots of new people and having lots of new experiences. I push myself harder because I never want to lose that sense of achievement that I now have. Of course I know that my dream of doing something bookish full time may of course remain precisely nothing more than a flight of fancy.  But, you know what? I don't care. I just know that I am happy now. (psssstttttt if anyone is reading this and wants to offer me a job, well you know where I am.) I may be 44 (said in quiet sobs over a glass of wine and a Twix) but by God its time for adventure! Bring it on!

As well as trying new ventures in the bookish world I am trying on new adventures in Debbie Land. Oh you know, like hiking up the odd mountain, abseiling, running in charity events, going to the gym etc etc. It may take me longer, I  may complain about a dodgy hip, bad hair and a constant desire to pee but so what!! I'm doing so much more than my younger self ever would have dared, if you don't count the getting drunk and stealing a horse or dressing up as a milkmaid. Life couldn't be better or more fun! I'll rest when I'm dead!



  1. What a great post! I love it!

  2. Thanks for visiting the new blog Nikki. xxxxx