Sunday, 22 March 2015

Rubbish She Wrote!

It suddenly occurred to me this week when I was the focus of not one but two interviews that I love to talk about myself! Hey who doesn't!? Right? Just me? Ahhh ok. So, for this reason, which is purely narcissistic, I have decided to start this blog. It will be full of totally boring and random stuff but sometimes my head just doesn't have enough room to hold it all in. It'll be observations about life, my feelings on certain subjects, things I am getting up to and of course the odd rant here and there...........actually probably a lot of rants. I promise to stay away from the computer when I've had wine! And, for you men reading this blog.............I apologise for the total girlie overload! Try and look past all the pink fluffy stuff now and again and read what I write! As this blog will be a continuing work in progress for a while please be patient with me and don't be surprised if it looks different every time you visit! I like to keep you confused!
I always kept a diary for a number of years when I was a teenager and kind of fell out of the way of writing in it each day. You know what its like when real life gets in the way. But over the last few years I have become involved in the writing community and rediscovered a love of writing again. Oh no not another wannabe writer I hear you shout. But, yes I'm afraid to say that I am. I'm probably not very good at it and I never really share it with anyone but its there, in my head all the time. So, for this reason you are all going to have to put up with me blogging and boring the pants clean off you! Sorry about that. The exit is right over there ----------------------->
And, if you are a teeny bit interested in reading the two interviews I took part in, you can find them HERE and HERE. Happy reading!


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